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SteamWorld Build | Release Date Reveal Trailer

Steamworld Build will be coming out this year! Check out the release date trailer along with our thoughts on the game.

Steamworld Build will be coming out on December 1st, 2023 for Xbox, PC, Playstation and Nintendo Switch. The game will be ‘day one’ on Xbox Game Pass. There is also a demo available to play right now on STEAM for PC.

As far as its gameplay, Steamworld Build looks like a combination of Sim City and a town defense game. You build up your city but you need to get resources in the mine. So in the mine, you’ll have to help miners who will have to put up with monsters attacking them while they are trying to mine for resources. You’ll protect them and also help them mine. This game looks super addictive! Though, it does look more like a PC game in this trailer.

We hope that the console controllers will be really good. The developer is assuring that the game will work really well on consoles too. It is very exciting that the game is coming to consoles and it could be a lot of fun. We think touch screen controls will be essential for the Nintendo Switch version to be perfect. Dragging and dropping things could work very well. Time will tell if this game is as awesome as the previous Steamworld games, but it looks like it has a lot of potential.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on Steamworld Build! Are you looking forward to it?


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