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Siege of Paris DLC Review

While some folks became tired with the world and characters of Valhalla after a few dozen hours, I can’t stop going back. It’s been well over 75 hours for me in this Assassin’s Creed World, and it’s shaping up to be one of my favourite in the series. Thankfully, Ubisoft has done a fantastic job of supporting the game post launch with tons of DLC, the most recent being the Siege of Paris.


What I instantly enjoyed about this DLC trip was the different feel I got when landing in France. Unlike the rolling hills and beautiful nature of England, France has seen harder times. The mad king Charles is causing problems for the masses, and these issues are prevalent and noticeable the second you land. Blight, rot, and destruction lies in every corner of this new world, and accurately portrays the time being depicted. For those with a relative understanding of history around this time, it’s easy to raise a glass to the fantastic team who put this world together.

But there are other reasons to trek to Paris, some of which harken back to the original philosophy behind the Assassin’s Creed franchise…assassinations like they use to be. You will have to track targets, gain intel, and then find the right time to step in and assassinate your foe. Well other methods are available to you, it does feel like I’m playing early games in the series once again, with quality of life upgrades you find in 2021 titles.

There have been a handful of additional items and mission types add into this DLC. The new weapon type – the scythe – is one we enjoyed the most, as its slow, but destructive capabilities made for interesting and unique battle opportunities. There are new enemy types as well, that will require slightly different tactics to take down, which is enjoyable for the most part.

What Siege of Paris brings to the table is tons of new content. You’ll find quests that result in the destruction of Charles, and other quests that focus on an expanding cult of Christian zealots trying to make France pay for their various crimes.


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