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Rock Will Never Die: A No Straight Roads Preview

No Straight Roads for the Nintendo Switch is a rhythm game. Well, sort of. This is not your father’s rhythm game. Best of all? No Straight Roads wants to keep rock alive! Take that electronic music!


No Straight Roads is a rhythm game. I mean, I guess it is. There are rhythm elements to the game. If you attack or dodge things right, you’ll do better. But after its tutorial, No Straight Roads doesn’t force you into a focused rhythm game. There are no buttons that pop up on the screen that you have to press just right.

In fact, No Straight Roads is an action/adventure/rhythm game. Its very story focused: your two main characters want to be a rock band in a world thats obsessed with Electronic music. They are rebels with a cause. So they rebel and decide to go after their electronic overlords.

Yes, the story is a bit goofy but its kind of cool too. I think so far, the story is what I like best about No Straight Roads. The gameplay is not bad, but the fully voiced cutscenes are a treat.

I haven’t had No Straight Roads for very long, I got the game yesterday, so it could be that the gameplay gets even better as you go. The first boss fight I fought was a bit intense and I thought it lasted a little too long. But I’m really interested in seeing where the game’s story goes.

Hopefully I’ll be able to provide our readers with a review of No Straight Roads soon! Please keep your radio tuned to!

A digital code was provided for this preview. No Straight Roads is available on the Nintendo Switch eshop right now!


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