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Retro Gaming A Welcome Return to Classic Consoles

Video gaming has been around for many decades now, and has formed quite a history of games. From the 50 free spins no deposit casino online to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, one problem that we gamers have though is being able to access these old games, and the consoles that they were designed for. Thankfully though it is now easier than ever to play these games, and here is a look at a few ways this can be done.

The Retron 5

The Retron 5 takes us back to gaming before the battles between Xbox and PlayStation began. If you have nostalgic memories of playing on the Sega Megadrive or the Super Nintendo, then this is the gaming system for you. Not only that, this console gives you access to older consoles such as the NES, Master System and even Nintendo Gameboy. All you need is to own the original games, then you can load the “ROM” version onto the console and play to your hearts content.


The Super Retro Trio

Much like the Retron 5, the Super Retro Trio allows you access to the older consoles, but it does lack access to the Gameboy titles. Where the Trio finds its edge though is in the connections available for your gaming pleasure. Not only does it include HDMI, but also the older style of connectors, giving that true retro feel.


Sega Master system and Game Gear Portable

With handheld devices being ever more powerful, it should be no surprise that it is possible to run Master System and Game Gear games on a small gaming device. Coming with games already loaded and ready to play, there is plenty of choice for the retro gamer.


While these consoles are based on console gaming, there are also plenty of PC retro games available. For those who want to play something even more retro, online slots, and bingo games are also easy to find. With the power of the Internet at our hands, it’s easy to find just what we want and most importantly find it legally. If there is a market out there for retro games, you can bet there are companies out there which will do their best to let us play our favourite retro titles.


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