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Resident Evil Revelations 1 + 2 Will be Coming to Nintendo Switch In 2017

Resident Evil Revelations was a really good game on the Wii U. When the second game was announced and it was revealed that it wasn’t coming to Wii U, I was disappointed. I’m not a PlayStation, Xbox or PC gamer, so I was going to miss out on that one. And now Capcom has announced that the first Resident Evil Revelations and the second one are coming to Nintendo Switch!


Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 will be coming to Nintendo Switch in late 2017. No specific release date have been announced yet. The titles will be available separately on the Switch eshop for $19.99 each and together at retail for $39.99.

Resident Evil Revelations 1 + 2 will be called Resident Evil Revelations Collection at retail. The first game will be on a cart and the second game will come as a download code!

Are you excited about these games coming to Nintendo Switch?

Source: Go Nintendo


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