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Portal Knights Villainous Update Lands Around September 6th; Switch Version at a Later Date

The Portal Knights team has been very active on social media ever since the game originally launched, and now that things are up and running on every platform imaginable – Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android – the team is busy pumping out content updates to support the ever growing fan base. Although these updates are not coming as fast as fans would like – and I’m sure the Portal Knights development team would like to see certification faster as well – when they do launch, it is with much fanfare and anticipation!


The Villainous update will bring with it new quests, monsters to fight, and loot to collect. Three new bosses – The Slime Queen, All-Watcher, and Knight Hunter – are also being added to the game, providing knights around the world more opportunities to venture from their home island and see what else is out there!

Here is more from the team behind the game,

“Also available as part of the “Villainous Update” is The Ranger’s Guild Bodkins Point – an exciting new area for players to explore complete with new quests, NPCs, merchants and more! Players will also benefit from side-by-side chest management improvements, which enable players to quickly move items in their inventory for mass item transfers and stacking, and an unlimited water source while in Creative Mode.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have access to all content from the Villainous update alongside the Adventurer’s and Creator’s Updates in the game’s biggest console update ever. Players will be able to journey through giant quest towns, unleash their creativity in Creative Mode and build the town of their dreams with a host of new decorations including a drawbridge, equipment mannequins, mine carts and more!”

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