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PDP Launches new amiibo Stands

There are people in this world how are outstandingly creative, and when it comes to creating home made shelving units to hold their plethora of amiibo, they create something that wows the internet. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those people, so until this past week, most of my amiibo have been buried in a storage container beside my television. Sure, my favorite Yoshi amiibo was proudly displayed on the PDP Warp Pipe amiibo stand, but that was about it. This August, PDP launched more amiibo stands at great prices, and were kind enough to send me a few. Look past the video for a breakdown of each item!

Super Mario Bowsers Castle Stand


The Castles in old Super Mario have a unique look to them; everyone remembers the first time they roamed into a castle and had to deal with the spinning flames. Whether it was making a quick jump across a gap with fire spinning around you, or timing your run to avoid a multiple of these, they are iconic. They are a key component to a castle level. You can now live out those iconic moments with a wonderful display stand themed around Bowsers Castle. In fact, I’d argue only a Bowser amiibo could ever sit on this stand, but that is a personal decision.

The stand looks great, and includes a wind-up and release mechanism to power the spinning fireballs. While that is a nice added feature to the stand, it is not one I will ultimately utilize. My kids will definitely get a kick out of winding it up and letting it go, but for myself, it’s fine just to look at. Perhaps without the mechanism, this stand could have come in at the 9.99 price point, but even for 14.99, I think its a great deal, especially if you want to showcase that awesome Bowser amiibo!

Legend of Zelda: Master Sword Stand


This stand, or the idea for this stand, has been teased by PDP every since E3 2015, and it has finally arrived. If you are a Legend of Zelda fan, this is a must own. I think the value of this one – 14.99 again – is actually better than the Bowser stand, as the product includes a removable Master Sword stylus for use on you Wii U. In fact, the same night I opened this product up, I went out and picked up a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD with the Wolf Link amiibo, and sat infront of my TV for hours, using the amiibo, using the stand, and using the stylus.

Although it’s not a necessary addition to the product, it is a welcome one. My worry – as is my worry with most gaming accessory products I receive – is that my kids will ultimately lose the Master Sword. However, the sounds the stand lets out when removing, or placing, the Master Sword might just entice them to leave the stylus close by. While the sound may become annoying after a while, it should still bring a smile to your face if you hear it just once every few days.

As a Zelda fan, I have to admit, this is a must own.

Original Donkey Kong amiibo Stand


If you are looking to display the maximum number of amiibo for your money, the Donkey Kong stand is the way to go. At only 19.99, this great looking product can display up to 9 amiibo. While some assembly is required, the final product looks great, is sturdy, and will make a nice addition to any gaming space.

The stand design is also incredibly detailed. Rather than just creating three layers of shelf space, the designers over at PDP were sure to create a minimal slope on each level, much like the original Donkey Kong title. The latters that are included with the product are varying heights to accommodate the slights slope. You need to remember, the barrels have to roll down somehow!

What I really liked about this product is that, if you wanted, you could stack multiple of these on top of each other to increase the high. While I wouldn’t recommend going much higher than the 3 included levels, it is an option, especially if you plan to anchor the stand to the wall with clips.

The ultimate trade off between this item and the others I the lack of bells and whistle, but they are not needed here. For an extra 50 dollars, you get to store 8 more amiibo than the other two stands we looked at this week. This does not take anything away from those stands – as they on their own are great products for a great price – but if displaying as many as possible is your ultimate goal, this item is the best bang-for-your-buck this August.


Again, if you want any of these products, head over to or find a retailer near you who has stock!



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