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Nintendo Minute Shows Off New Metroid: Samus Returns Footage

Metroid: Samus Returns is coming out next month. The game looks great and we are hoping to have a review of it. In the meantime, you should definitely check out this new Nintendo Minute which shows off Metroid: Samus Returns and some of its amiibo functionality.

Metroid: Samus Returns comes out on September 15th. The game is a remake of Metroid 2 from the original Gameboy.

I played the original Metroid 2 and liked it a lot. This remake looks even better though. The graphics are stunning and look fantastic in 3D. The gameplay is pure Metroid with some pretty cool new abilities.

I also love the addition of a map on the second screen and a quick weapon change there too.

The Nintendo Minute above shows off a new area of the game, reveals teleporters, and shows off some amiibo functionality. Not all of the amiibo functionally is shown off though. Some of the amiibo functions don’t unlock until you beat the game.

I know there are some people upset over the amiibo functionally, but I think its fine. Think of it as DLC! If you want the DLC, you have to buy the new amiibo. Its not mandatory and the game looks like it’ll be a lot of fun even without the amiibo. I think its great that amiibo continue to be used more and more. It gives you a reason to actually want to buy the figures. And come on, if you are a Metroid fan, you’re going to buy the amiibo anyway!

I’m pretty excited for this game overall. is hoping to have a review of the game next month. Until then, please stay tuned to this site for news and previews of Metroid: Samus Returns for the 3DS!


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