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Nindies Summer Showcase 2017

Nintendo of America did a Nindies Summer Showcase video presentation today. A lot of games were shown off. Check out the video below and please come back for my opinion of the showcase and the games shown.

The Nindies Summer Showcase today was really good. I wasn’t sure it would be at first because I didn’t find the initial games that impressive (Super Meat Boy Forever looked ok, but not my sort of game).

But then we got big news like Steamworld Dig 2 coming out on September 21st (and the new gameplay trailer rocked). And so many other really cool games were shown:

Earth Atlantis: A very detailed side scrolling shooter. At first glance you may think this is a retro side scrolling shooter, but Earth Atlantis has so much detail to it. The art style on this game is stunning. I was blown away.

Poly Bridge: A game were you create bridges to solve puzzles. The concept sounds simple but the footage shown looked very good! I like the graphics and of course, I love games with creation tools. I think this game will be fun.

Mulaka: A third person action/adventure game. The setting is extremely unique and the graphics are a bit cel-shaded with impressive 3D models. I had never heard of this game and it blew me away.

Yono and the Celestial Elephants: Cute mascot action/adventure games are a thing of the past right?? Wrong! Yono and the Celestial Elephants reminds me a bit of Spyro the Dragon or Sly Cooper. Its an action/adventure that takes a cute character and puts him into a fully 3D world. I’m ready for this game!

Morphies Law: A third person shooter on the Switch?! Yes indeed. Morphies Law is bringing the 3D third person genre to the Nintendo Switch and it looks awesome. The game has a unique concept to: the bodies of your character will shrink or grow depending on how well you’re doing! Odd concept? You bet. But the game looks fun.

Wulverblade: A 2D side scrolling beat-em up. Wulverblade has excellent graphics and looks like its going to be a ton of fun to play, especially with friends!

Kentucky Route Zero TV Edition: Not much of this game was shown but the game’s concept was just so bizarre and sounded very good to me. I love Adventure games and its great to see one coming to the Nintendo Switch.

There were so many other games shown to. I couldn’t possibly cover everything that was shown. And I know that there are a ton of other games that were not shown that are coming to the Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, there is going to be a [email protected] event on August 31st. This event will be live streamed! Lots of Nindies will be shown off and there is a hint of that they’ll be some announcements too.

What did you think of today’s Nindie Showcase? What was your favorite game shown?


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