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New Metroid Prime Federation Force Footage

Metroid Prime Federation Force is coming out this Friday for the 3DS! Not everyone is excited about the game, but I think everyone is interested to see if the game is good or not. Nintendo has released some new footage for the game and we have that for you to look at. Will the footage help you to make your decision on whether to buy the game or not?


Metroid Prime Federation Force will be coming to the 3DS on August 19th! Thats this Friday. Are you ready for the game? Will you be buying it? Perhaps this new footage from Nintendo will help you make up your mind (if you haven’t already).

First of all, we have a new Co-Op trailer from Nintendo:

And then we have a Nintendo Minute focused on Metroid Prime Federation Force from last week:

What do you think of this new footage? Is Metroid Prime Federation Force the game for you?


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