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Mobile Gaming is Overtaking Online Casinos

If current trends persist, the future of online gambling will be in the palms of most bettors’ hands. That’s because mobile gambling is growing at an increasingly fast rate, versus the relatively steady growth of online casinos.


Since 2013, industry analysts say online casinos have grown by 11 percent annually, and should continue doing so until at least 2020.

Online gambling this year should produce about $500 billion in revenues, with about $100 billion coming from mobile gambling. That’s a 20 percent increase from last years’ about $85 billion generated by mobile gambling, but much smaller than next year’s anticipated increase.

Industry analysts say, next year, mobile gambling should generate about $165 billion in revenues. That would be an about 65 increase in one year. If mobile gambling continues growing at several times the rate of online gambling, it inevitably will surpass computers as the top drivers of online casino revenues.

There are several reasons why mobile gambling likely will sustain its much higher growth rate and become the dominant force in online casino gaming.

With smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, you can play the types of casino games and similar websites offer to people using standard computers. The quality of play is just as good on a mobile device as it is on a computer, but with the added benefit of being able to go anywhere you have a wireless or Wi-Fi signal.

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are lightweight, portable, and offer outstanding audio and video. With the added benefit of placing and receiving phone calls and text messages, shooting photos and videos, and many other added benefits.


Back in 2013, more consumers used their mobile devices to access the Internet than used their desktop and laptop computers. That same trend likely will occur soon in the online gambling market, as affirmed by a recent industry marketing study.

When given the choice of using only a mobile device or only a computer to gamble at online casinos, 65 percent of those asked said they would opt to use their mobile devices only. Only 35 percent chose using only a computer.

Another factor favouring mobile wagering is the ease with which consumers can obtain the tools needed. Most people can get either a free or low-cost smartphone or tablet from their wireless service providers, and many already have them.

With momentum and history on its side, mobile gambling is on the cusp of dominating the gambling world.


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