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Mario+Rabbids – Ubisoft’s 10 Tips for Beginners

It’s not often that developers and publishers do Let’s Plays of their own games, but Ubisoft has taken it upon themselves to not only provide walkthroughs on its YouTube channel for each level, but also to provide new players with a number of tips to succeed in Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle. We’ve embedded the video below, and type out Ubisoft’s Top 10 Tips below! If you are on the fence about grabbing Mario+Rabbids, check out our review!

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Tip 1 – Don’t Stay Exposed: I can definitely vouch for this tip. I don’t know how many times I left one of my characters right out in the open. Between a number of well placed shots, opportunities to do dash damage, and the chance of extra damage via a burn or bounce back, and you could potentially lose a character in one enemey turn!

Tip 2 – Use Covers: Tip 2 slides nicely in behind Tip 1: the best way to not expose yourself in Mario+Rabbids is to use cover properly. Half all cover will give you a 50% chance at defending against a shot, while a full wall coverage will completely protect you. Take note of what the covers are made out of, however, as only the metal (gray) cover areas are immune to most attacks! Everything else will eventually be destroyed!

Tip 3 – Stay on the Move: Again, falling perfectly behind the first two tips, if you are not moving around the map, and keeping distance between yourself and the enemy Rabbids, you are setting yourself up for disaster. This is especially important when dealing with larger enemies who will run at you when shot!


Tip 4 – Check Your Chance of Touching the Enemies: When ever you are ready to line up a shot, a chance rating will display letting you know what the odds are of you hitting that person. They range from 0% (out of range, or hidden behind full cover), 50% (hidden behind half cover), or 100%.

Tip 5 – Outflank your Enemies: using the Team Jump ability is just one way to flank enemy Rabbids. If you can attack from both sides, you’ll be able to not only score those 100% chance shots, but also only allow the Rabbids to attack one side.

Tip 6 – Beware of Weapons With Area Damage – Often when you line yourself up for a good shot, you can end up close to enemy combatants. As your progress through the game, your weapons get better, as do yourenemies. So if you have the opportunity to do area damage with a shotgun, or pound an area with a hammer, your enemies probably can do. Stay aware!

Tip 7 – Always Dash When You Can – Not taking advantage of a dash opportunity is a complete waste, as it often won’t affect your area of movement. Mario+Rabbids doesn’t limit the number of spaces you can move, but rather the area you can move within. So knocking a baddy before moving into cover won’t cost you a thing!


Tip 8 – Use the Pipes: Your enemy is sure to use the pipes to move around the battlefield quickly, and so should you. Using pipes will greatly increase your ability to move around the map, allowing you to escape when necessary, or setup that perfect, 100% shot!

Tip 9 – Use Team Jump to Increase Your Movement: Every character has limits to their movements, so using a Team Jump can get you to places, faster. Remember, after a team jump you cannot dash and enemy or enter a pipe, so plan accordingly. You can however upgrade Mario that will allow him to do some stomp damage, so take advantage of that whenever you can!

Tip 10 – Focus on the Objective: Not every level is about killing enemies, and in my situations, the best course of action is getting to the goal. This is especially true when you are only required to reach a certain area on the map. Getting there is your top priority, while dealing damange is completely secondary.

And there you go, 10 Tips from the good people at Ubisoft to succeed in Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle!



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