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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Multiplayer Demoed

The guys over at Achievement Hunters teamed up with Ubisoft US to demo the multiplayer modes in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle via the Ubisoft YouTube Channel. Although this game has been mainly billed as a single player experience to date, this demo really does a great job showing that Mario + Rabbids is a fully fledged, single and multiplayer title that will have tons of gameplay for everyone. Check out the video below, and our impressions after the break!

Player will enter “Buddydome” where they will pick their characters and the mission they want to complete. Each mission, as detailed in the video, will have an end goal. For their first attempt, for example, the goal was to defeat 14 enemies total. According to the games menu,

In the Buddydome, you and a friend each control a team of two Heroes that will work TOGETHER to complete a campaign involving lots of challenges! (Hint: you can unlock campaigns by finishing a world in story mode). All the skills and weapons you’ve unlocked in story mode will be available to you – visit Battle HQ to get your team ready!

After picking your difficulty level, you will choose your two heroes and jump into the co-op campaign. There is an added level of difficulty here as opposed to playing by yourself. Both players will need to make moves that will not only benefit themselves, but their teammates as well. When playing alone, you control the decisions. When playing with someone else, there is likely to be a lot more debate on how to solve the in game problems!

I think that cooperative play in Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle will be extremely fun, especially if you are trying to introduce the game to someone skeptical about the title.

Here is more footage from Ubisoft themselves, outlining more multiplayer modes!

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle will be out later this month on Nintendo Switch. We will hopefully have a review for the title in-or-around launch day!


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