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Lawn Mowing Simulator? Can You Make Real Life Chores, Fun?

When I think about realistic simulation titles, it’s usually some type of job. Very few people actually just farm because they like to do – most people are doing it as a job. But anyone of us that owns a home at some point will be pushing or driving a lawnmower around our back yard to cut the lawn, and while some may enjoy it, others hate it. So could a group of developers take a weekly chore and turn it into something fun? The folks behind Lawn Mowing Simulator seemed to manage.


To be fair, Lawn Mowing Simulator also replicates a real job and career, as you launch your own Lawn Care company. So it’s not like your average back yard cut – you are traveling all over what we suppose is England, cutting lawns for the rich and famous while growing your business. That means purchasing more machines, hiring more staff, and creating a lawn care empire. But like Farming Simulator, would this one be incredibly difficult to understand? It’s just lawn mowing, right? How hard can it be?

The actual game mechanics are much easier to understand than something like Farming Simulator. All the machines you purchase basically are doing the same thing – cutting lawns. In Farming Simulator, you need to worry about cultivators, combines, logging machines, mulching machines, baling machines, and so much more. Here, you need to worry about lawn mowers, lawn mowers, and more lawn mowers. And that isn’t a bad thing.

See, Lawn Mowing Simulator is going to become an easy to understand life simulation experience, and while the premise might sound boring, the actual gameplay is quite fun and relaxing. Outlining the edge of the lawn while attempting to preserve the lovely gardens is not only challenging at times, but its…peaceful? Sure, the sounds of the lawn mowers might grind your gears after a while, but I quickly learned I could pop earbuds in, and play my favourite tunes on Spotify while also enjoying the sights and sounds of my game. It was like I was cutting my own grass, but I wasn’t hating myself during the process!

I know that Lawn Mowing Simulator might not sound like the most interesting game on the market, and it will most definitely have a niche audience – no doubt about that. But for those that love playing Mechanic Simulator, Farming Simulator, and the like, Lawn Mowing Simulator follows the same vein and will provide dozens of hours of entertainment while building up your own lawn care empire!


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