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July Loot Gaming

I’ve really been enjoying the Loot Gaming Crate, and this month featured some of my favorite franchises, including Assassins Creed, Dead Island, Far Cry, and more! I was especially interested in the exclusive Far Cry Primal tShirt, but all of the items in this box were pretty impressive. Check below our unboxing video to see a full written review with high resolution photos!

Far Cry Primal tShirt


Although I generally really enjoy the tshirts I get in boxes, I don’t often actually wear them on frequent occasions. This month’s Far Cry Primal shirt might be the exception. The design is magnificent, and since Primal was one of my favorite games so far in 2016, I think this shirt will get a lot of wear.

Quality on the shirt is decent – certainly¬† better than I’ve received in some, but obviously not as good as a quality name brand. That doesn’t matter to me though – I’m not that picky!

Assassins Creed Flask


The Assassins Creed flask is an odd choice for a subscription box as it is an item aimed at an 18+ (21+ in the US) crowd. Obviously, a flask does not need to be filled with hard liquor, but let’s face it…that’d generally what a flask is for. It is definitely a nice show piece, and will look great next to all my Assassins Creed collectors edition statues.

Regardless of age, the awesome piratey feel of this item makes it extra special, at least to myself. I’ve loved everything about pirates since I was young, and Assassins Ceed Black Flag was my all time favourite Assassins Creed experience. Overall, fantastic item for me, but perhaps not for younger audiences.

Dead Island Towel


The quality of the beach towel is nothing like your average towel, and is definitely made of a cheaper material. As far as towels go, I’m not sure I’ll ever actually use this at the beach or out by the pool, but my wife is making me an awesome towel rack so I can display this in my games room. Again, it’s a practical item that I’ll never actually use for a practical reason…and that is OK with me!


Loot Gaming Pin – Survival

I say it every single month, and I’ll say it again. No other subscription box is doing monthly themed pins as good as Loot Crate. This months Survival pin is top notch again, and easily outclasses pins from every other box we reviewed.


Tomb Raider Loot Gaming Exclusive Vinyl

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should be aware that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise. The latest Tomb Raider title on Xbox One – and later this year to n PS4 – was a mega hit, and has inspired a great line of 20th anniversary merchandise.

The latest is this really great, small, Lara Croft vinyl figure, only available to July Loot Gaming subscribers. This figure shows a cartoony Lara dual wielding pistols. The detail and sculpt are great, and I’m really happy to have an exclusive item to commemorate the 20 years of Tomb Raider.

This box was definitely geared towards an older audience, and I really liked it. It is arguably the best Loot Gaming I have received, out of the three months I’ve been reviewing them. If this quality can continue month to month, those subscribed should be happy with their boxes.


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