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July 1 Up Box – Squad Review

1-Up Box is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscription boxes, and this month they completely hit it out of the park. With a great theme – Squad – the team over there put together a fantastic collection of items, making this the best 1-Up Box I have received so far. Unfortunately, the video we shot corrupted on the card, so this month we only have our written review!

Batman Funko Pop


Funko Pops are excellent any day of the week, but sometimes you unbox or open that one Funko Pop that makes you let out an audible, ‘wow.’ That was this months Funko.¬†Although there were a number of different pops you could have gotten in this months box, I was fortunate enough to get the Arkham Knight Batman figure. It looks absolutely unbelievable, and definitely got more than just ‘wow’ out of my mouth. Perhaps it was a good thing I didn’t post a video to my family friendly page!

The detail on this months Pop is outstanding; Funko makes a quality product, but I don’t think I have a figure as detailed as this one in my entire collection. Good job with this pull 1-Up Box! It rocks!

Deadshot Air Freshener and Paranormal Dog Tags


I know a lot of people feel that air fresheners are throw away items, but I really like them. As of right now, I have a glove box full of air fresheners as it seems like I get 2 or 3 per month. This will just get added to that collection, and someday it will get used. It makes my car smell nice, and lets the world know what things I enjoy. Right now, I’m sportin Fallout…next though, it could be Deadshot!

The dog tags included in this months box are pretty disappointing, and pretty much a throwaway item for me. Not sure what I will do with it, as it lacks any real theming. Ghostbusters perhaps?

Guardians of the Galaxy Print


The unfortunate reality of the 1-Up Box is that it is physically smaller than most subscription boxes, and they don’t often add art prints to their boxes. When they do, they are usually folded in half which makes them less appealing to myself. Often, no matter what I do, I cannot get the crease to even disappear a little bit when put into a frame. This month was even more disappointing because the art print – Rocket Racoon being pushed on a swing by Groot – is one of the coolest looking prints I have received out of any subscription box. I think I might make an exception this month, and put a creased print up on my wall anyways. If you are a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, you should love this print!

Mario / Suicide Squad Shirt


July marked the month of the much anticipated Suicide Squad film, and although reviews have not been great, I know a lot of people looking forwarding to watching the flick. Fitting then, that 1-Up Box included a Suicide Squad shirt in their box this month. As per the norm, we got another great mashup shirt, this time between Mario and the Suicide Squad. The only bad part about this shirt is that it’s black. Aside from that, I cannot wait to wear this out and about. Although I’m not a huge fan of the Suicide Squad, I am a huge fan of anything Mario related, and this shirt is – again – one of the best shirts I have ever received. Again, we are seeing a trend with this months box…it is excellent!


Aside from the dog tags, this months box was fantastic. The pop vinyl was one of the best yet, the tshirt was one of the best yet, the print looks great – despite having to live with that horrific crease! – and the Deadshot air fresheners will definitely add something different to my car. For those wanting to know at home, this months 1-Up Box gets 8.5 green mushrooms out of 10!


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