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Indie World Showcase 8.18.2020 (Video)

Nintendo had an Indie World Showcase video today. Check it out below and then please come back here for some thoughts on the Showcase!

Wow! That was a really good Indie World Showcase. A lot of cool games were shown and some of them are coming out today!

Spiritfarer and A Short Hike especially grabbed my attention and I will be getting those for my Switch later today for sure.

I was also impressed by Hades, Hypnospace Outlaw (demo later today), Garden Story, Takeshi and Hiroshi (out today), and Bear and Breakfast.

Overall, it was a really impressive Indie World video. There were many games coming this year and in 2021.

What was your favorite game shown? Are you picking up any of the games that are releasing later today?


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