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Hokko Life Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch Next Month

Are you a fan of games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon? If so, then there’s another new simulation that you’ll want to keep an eye out for next month. Hokko Life is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

Hokko Life is a simulation game in the vain of Animal Crossing. Players live in a small town where they can fish, catch bugs, buy items like clothes, and even farm! The game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch (and Xbox one and PS4) next month on September 27th!

I’ve had my eye on this time for awhile now. I follow Hokko Life on twitter. The game has been on PC early access for a little. It looks like a really fun game. I love the game’s cute graphics and the gameplay looks fun.

Another interesting thing about the gameplay is that Hokko Life lets you design things with a 3D design tool. You can be really creative with this game. And better, designs be can shared with other players! Thats pretty cool.

I’m a huge Animal Crossing fan and this game really speaks to me. Any simulation game this cute, plus fishing means I have to check it out. The design aspects of the game and all the different things you can do also make it super interesting.

Are you looking forward to Hokko Life? Will you be checking it out on the Nintendo Switch?


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