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Hisense Q8G TVs are Turning Heads

Earlier this year, reviews for Hisense’s Q8G model of TV began hitting in the interwebs, and it seems as if reviewers have been generally impressed with the model. While Hisense might not be the first brand that pops into your mind when you think about purchasing a new TV, perhaps it should be. While we have yet to try a Hisense TV ourselves – which we hope to rectify soon – went and hunted down some folks who are using these TVs, to get some of their insights.


One of the first things that gets mentioned when we bring up Hisense is the affordability of the units themselves. Although the TVs come with some drawbacks (we will post these in our own review down the road), the price-for-what-you-get is incredibly impressive, and the company hits all the major highs where it matters most. The dictated drawbacks come in areas that we feel are less important to many TV owners.

The Q8G model comes in 4 different sizes – a 50′, 55′, 65′, and 75′. The TV has android functionality built in. Hisense claims that, “The Q8G Series TV proves to be in the elite class of 4K TVs — inside and out. The Hisense proprietary ULEDTM technology, focuses on the most important areas of picture quality as it uses sophisticated processes to transform your entertainment, while Quantum Dot technology and Wide Colour Gamut brings the entertainment to life with billions of colours perfectly expressed. Motion is consistently smooth thanks to Motion Rate 240 and a 60Hz native panel with MEMC. Dolby VisionTM, HDR10+, and Dolby AtmosTM combine to deliver visual and audio realism that brings the cinematic experience right to your home.”


As a smart TV, you’ll of course be able to access a wealth of apps that will make your viewing experience that much more enjoyable; the TV also supports Alexa and Goole voice commands.

The TV also boasts an incredibly small footprint in your home, as the pictures throughout this article clearly show. Despite packing so much, the design team has done an excellent job of creating the slimmest TV possible, without sacrificing some of those key features consumers will want.


Check back to GamesReviews in the near future for more on the Hisense Q8G TVs! In the meantime, see below for ARV pricing:

50Q8G – $649.99

55Q8G – $749.99

65Q8G – $1,149.99

75Q8G – $1,899.99



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