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Gambling Around the World

In a lot of ways, the world is getting smaller. While it used to take weeks for a letter to reach over the Atlantic, now we are capable of doing it in less than a second. That has revolutionized the way that gambling works across the globe.


Because while it used to be that you had to drive to a casino to enjoy your hobby – if there was even a casino around – today you only have to load up your phone.

And while that has changed things in America, it has changed things around the world even more.

Gambling Around the World

The internet has been the great balance to gambling. Except for a few places, the experience is much the same wherever you are. All betting sites in Nigeria are much the same as betting sites elsewhere. You have all your favourite games, you can bet on sporting events and there are bonus packages when you sign up at a site. You could be setting up almost anywhere except for the local currency.

There are exceptions to the rules. There are still countries that don’t allow gambling, or only allow it in very limited ways. Legally, these places sometimes still have online sites, usually run by the government and only allowing certain games. These are often traditional games that are legal for betting anyway.

And yet the internet always finds a way, and there’s usually a black market for online gambling in these countries. Punishments for being caught vary, but it doesn’t stop people from doing it anyway.

The Shrinking World

What has become obvious is that we are increasingly wanted a shared experience with our neighbours. We want to be able to have the same content with the same features, and that doesn’t seem like a massive ask. Now we are more aware of what is going on around us, we want to make sure we have our fair share of it.

That’s the same for gambling as it is in any other aspect of modern life. We want to be able to bet the same way as those around us.

And for the most part that is happening. We are able to play blackjack at PowerPlay nearly anywhere we want, internationally and nationally, without worry. We are able to play the biggest most popular games, or find small games that we’ve only read about online. National games that have long and storied traditions, but haven’t made it to our own homes.

That’s thanks to the power of the internet, and gambling is only going to continue to grow on an international level. With more and more people taking part in it each year, it’s one of the biggest ways that we stay together.

And it’s all thanks to those first steps into online gambling, and then to transitioning that experience to our new and exciting smart phones. That small move changed the way that people think about gambling. And with that all the old international favourites started to flood back.


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