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Fort Triumph Is Available Now on the Nintendo Switch eShop

Fort Triumph, a strategy rpg, is now available for the Nintendo Switch eShop! Check out our first impressions of the game below.


Fort Triumph is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

We received a review code of the game and have been playing it a bit. Fort Triumph is a strategy rpg in the vain of Mario and Rabbids and Xcom. Players use cover to hide from enemies attacks and various abilities to take foes down for good.

Fort Triumph is set in a fantasy world full of knights, wizards, and more. Players manage their party and also manage a base. They can upgrade the base to add support to the groups quest.

The game’s graphics are not as good as Mario and Rabbids or Xcom so far, but they are not bad. The gameplay is good, though we wish the party menu and base menus were better laid out. The battle menus are good and the best part of the game so far is its wonderful world map!

Overall, though, if you are a Mario and Rabbids and/or Xcom fan you’ll want to keep an eye on Fort Triumph. Please stay tuned for our full review of the game!

Thank you to Plan of Attack for providing a review code for this game. Fort Triumph is available now.


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