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Everybody’s Golf Review-in-Progress

I’ve never been one to play authentic golf titles, and although I did enjoy The Golf Club 2 which launched earlier this year, it still wasn’t what I was looking for. It’s been a while since we’ve had an outstanding arcade golf experience like Mario Golf or Hot Shot’s Golf, but that has all changed today with the release of the Hot Shot’s successor, Everybody’s Golf! Grab your clubs and get ready for an RPG golfing experience, one that is sure to both delight and frustrate you to no end!

Everybody's Golf

What you need to understand going in is that there is a ton of dialogue you will need to get through before ever being able to hit the links, and even after you finish your first front or back 9, you will have to sit through even more dialogue. Fun fact, Everybody’s Golf is full of dialogue, and the game slowly considerably as you move from one event to the next.

Thankfully, however, the golf itself is fast paced and exhilarating at times, as you wack and hack your way to victory on the five included courses (with two additional courses being offered as DLC in the future). Getting all these courses unlocked, however, will be a grind, so be prepared to play and replay numerous tournaments and challenges just to reach those higher golf levels.

Yes, Everbody’s Golf runs on a fairly simple RPG mechanic where you level yourself up through gained experience while also leveling up the clubs in your bag. You will increase your power stats, approach ability, and putting ability as you progress through the single player story line. The more you use a specific club, the better your character will be when using it in the future. It’s a simple RPG mechanic to be sure, but one that will likely bring in a new audience to the arcade golfing experience.

Everybody's Golf

The RPG elements are not limited to the players and clubs levels however. During the course of gameplay, you will unlock specific ‘bosses’ – well really just golfers who want to challenge you. Each challenge is likely to not result in a regular game of golf, but rather one where points are awarded for different things. For example, in one scenario, you will get a better score overall if you sink long putts or chip in from off the green. These are both interesting gameplay twists and frustrating, anti-progressing moments.

In general, the goal with golf is to hit the best shots possible to score the lowest possible outcome. With the previously mentioned boss, however, you would be rewarded for undershooting or overshooting the green, just to score additional points for a chip-in. It’s an interesting twist that takes you out of the regular flow of traditional golf, but at the same time, throws everything you’ve been working towards out the window.

While the solo player experience can definitely be grind at times, overall, the experience is pretty solid and the golfing mechanics are great. The three button swing system works really well, and isn’t overly complicated, making Everybody’s Golf for….everybody!

Everybody's Golf

Everybody’s Golf QA_20170817225917

From what we’ve been told by Sony PR, online is definitely where this title is going to shine, as you race between holes with friends and strangers, or do some on course racing with the carts. Without the ability to really experience this online community, it really is hard to put a solid score on this game, at this time.

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