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Disney Dixit Review

I’m not really a big fan of party games, but Dixit has always been one of my favourites. I love the gorgeous artwork and trying to come up with clues to fool some of my friends, but not all of them.


I enjoy how the scoring mechanisms work – you want someone to guess yours, but not everyone! – and I love how quickly the game runs. Even if you are far behind in score, it’s the kind of game where regardless, you are probably laughing and having a good time.

The wonderful people behind Dixit have teamed up with Disney to give us Disney Dixit, and while I’m a huge Disney fan, I’m not sure this is my preferred way to play, at least not on it’s own. Let’s take a look!

How to Play Disney Dixit

In Dixit, players will have a hand of cards and on their turn, they will give a clue pertaining to one of those cards and place the card face down on the table. Each other player will also choose a card from their hand based on the active players clue, attempting to get people to pick their card when they are all face up, as opposed to the active players.Scoring is relatively simple, although it can get confusing. Let’s try to break it down as plain as we can.

  1. If some people, but not all, guess the active players card correctly, the active players and those who guessed correctly each earn 3 points.
  2. If EVERYONE guessed the active players card, or NO ONE guessed the active players card, each other player receives 2 points, and the active player receives none.
  3. Each other player receives one point per player who guessed their card instead of the active player’s card.

Disney Dixit changes the formula in…well it actually doesn’t. Everything works exactly the same, except the player pieces are popular Disney characters – Mickey Mouse, Tinkerbell, Genie, Red, Mike Wisowski, and the Cheshire Cat – and all the cards are tied to specific movies.

The game box also includes voting dials instead of the traditional voting chips (numbered 1-6). Voting dials is much more convenient, making setup faster, and voting faster as well. The central board which tracks scoring also has “slots” for each card to rest in after being flipped up, so choosing 1-6 for voting is much easier this time around.


What I Don’t Like about Disney Dixit

What I love about regular Dixit is how crazy some of the cards can be, which means creating clues is difficult, but easy at the same time. You just need to be clever. With Disney Dixit, the cards are much less abstract, and obviously always point to a specific franchise.

I know when a card is for Toy Story, or the Good Dinosaur, or any other film. The artwork is also not that abstract, but rather art I would probably want hanging in my house.

Don’t get me wrong, the cards are gorgeous, and as  Disney fan, just looking through them gave me a lot of joy. But when it came to giving clues, it generally boiled down to people giving rare and obscure references to a specific movie, as opposed to doing anything fun and exciting based on what was actually printed on the card. For example, I had a Toy Story card which I ended up playing, and my clue was, “I love wearing a skull tShirt.” It had nothing to do with the card, but those who knew Sid from the films knew that obviously my card was Toy Story related.

What I love about Disney Dixit

It’s Disney! What is not to love! What I like about the game is how great the insert is, with lots of room for not only your Disney Dixit cards, but also cards you have accumulated over the years from other versions of Dixit. And that is exactly what we did. After mixing regular Dixit cards with the Disney Dixit cards, the entire experience became so much more enjoyable.


While the rare and obscure Disney quotes still worked, having a variety of different kinds of cards somehow made clue giving more fun again – it definitely helped people score points as the guessing wasn’t as obvious as before.

The game pieces are also fabulous, and the guessing dials are so much better than the numbered chips included in previous games. I’m super glad to own Disney Dixit, and while I’ll never play it on it’s own without other cards included, more casual Disney fans will probably be OK with just this solo experience.


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