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Choosing between Online Casinos that Accept Paypal and Skrill Methods

When it comes to online transactions the most important topic that is often discussed is the payment methods. We all are aware of the standard ones such as credit cards, debit cards and net banking. But there are others that make your transactions swift and easy.

They are Paypal and Skrill and these two have become the favorites of online shoppers and especially online casino gamblers. But when the question about which one is better, it can be little hard to make the choice. Here’s a glimpse of what both of them have to offer for gamblers in specific. For those who just want to try some free options first there is also a nice selection of free spins no deposit casinos.

Understanding the Paypal and Skrill Systems

Benefits of Paypal


Paypal is definitely the most widely accepted payment method in the world. It makes online overseas transactions quick and easy with no tedious process or procedure to go through. That said, it has highest standards of security and encryption feature that safeguards all your transactions. So this is definitely an advantage to online casino players as well. Some casinos that accept PayPal even offer bonus funds when you use PayPal to make deposits. There are reputed casinos that use PayPal as one of the top payment methods.


  • Paypal is not accepted by all online casino sites but only by a few.
  • You cannot use PayPal for transacting on sports betting and poker sites.
  • Players will have very limited option for choosing from casinos. So you cannot really expect all your favorite games present in the site that accepts PayPal.
  • There are no PayPal VIP programs at any of the casinos where they accepted. So you cannot enjoy additional benefits such as bonus funds, discounts and offers.

Benefits of Skrill


Although Skrill is not as popular and preferred payment method as PayPal, it has gained immense popularity in the casino world. There is no online casino site where you will not find Skrill as one of the payment methods. Like Paypal, Skrill has high-end security features that make a transaction using it safer. You can deposit and withdraw using this payment method and the transactions are very quick too. Many casinos offer VIP programs for players who use Skrill to make deposits and you can benefit largely from them.


  • Other than online casino sites, you will not find Skrill as a preferred payment method. So it is hard to find this option in shopping sites or anywhere else.
  • Skrill is not popular worldwide and is limited to fewer industries including casinos. It takes a lot of time for people to accept this as their preferred method.
  • This is just one of the payment methods at casino sites and hence not everyone who makes deposits use this method.

Be your own judge

Both Skrill and Paypal are equal when it comes to features functionality and security. But the question here is which one is widely accepted at casinos. The answer clearly is Skrill but that does not make PayPal a weaker option. If your preferred site has PayPal as one of the methods, then you are lucky. To conclude, whichever available option from these two you choose, you will be happy with ease and pace of transaction.


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