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You Can Now Pre-Load Metroid Prime Federation Force And Style Savvy: Fashion Forward if you want

Metroid Prime Federation Force and Style Savvy: Fashion Forward are both coming out for the 3DS on August 19th. Are you looking forward to either of them (or both?!)? If you so, you might want to check the 3DS eshop right now! Both titles are available for pre-purchase/pre-load!

Style SavvyFF

If you looking forward to Metroid Prime Federation Force and/or Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, then we have some good news for you! Both titles can be pre-purchased and pre-loaded right now! Go to the 3DS eshop, pay for them, and you can download most of the game’s to your system. When both titles come out on August 19th, you’ll do a small update and then be able to play them. Pre-purchase/pre-load is a pretty great feature for the 3DS!

Are you going to pre-purchase either of these games? Let us know how you feel about Federation Force and Style Savvy in the comments!


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