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Alcatel Go Flip 3 Review

When it comes to phones in 2020, the bigger, the more powered, the better. But there is a large segment of society walking around who just want a cell phone to do one thing – make calls. They don’t want the bells and whistles, they don’t want the high-graphics games. They just want to make a call, and not spend 100s upon 100s of dollars to do. Enter the Alcatel Go Flip 3, just your average flip phone that gets the job done.


With a flick of your finger, you can open the case and reveal the 2.8″ screen, just the write size for a bit of texting, reading an email quickly – yes there is smart phone capabilities here – and of course, typing those numbers in. The phone also has an exterior deisplay at 1.44″ that will easily allow you to see who’s calling and what the current time is without flipping it open. It’s a flip phone. No bells. No whistles. Just a small, inexpensive, phone.

That doesn’t mean it has NO bells and whistles, mind you. But these are subtle and are not at all intrusive to the overall phone experience. Google assistant is on board if you want it, as is a YouTube application and a web browser. The fact that you need to T9 everything you want to find means you’re likely not using many of these features unless you desperately have to. That is where the Google Assistant could come in handy. It will save you all that typing. “Hey Google, can you tell me when the next train is to Union Station?”

The battery is passable for a phone, although I would have expected a bit more out of a phone that’s basically just for calling folks. Still, you’ll get about 7.5 hours of talk time on one charge. I personally would have expected more, perhaps not needing to charge the device every single night.

One of the better features is the ability to expand the internal memory, in case you do want to play a lot of fun little games (which are available). Worms, anyone?


What I was really impressed with when it came to using te Alcatel Go Flip 3 was the call quality. Regardless of where I was – talking inside in a quiet room, outside with the sounds of nature, or even walking down the street – I noticed how impressive the sound and call quality was on the phone. Alcatel isn’t known for creating phones that will blow your mind, but rather budget devices where the end goal is to offer users “more bang for their buck.” Since the Go Flip 3 is meant to primarily be a cell phone, I’d consider all the other small gimicks (wifi and data compatible, YouTube, Google Assistant) to be the bonuses that you really aren’t being charged for. However, it’s the sound quality that has impressed me the most.

The Alcatel Go Flip 3 is a serviceable device that will make those who just want a phone in their hands very happy. It’s small, compact, and lightweight, so it isn’t much of a hassle to carry around. And one last thing. Flip phones have always been known to be durable, so¬† I did something I don’t normally do with cell phones when I review them – I dropped it off my second floor roof onto the pavement. While the phone sustained some obvious scrapes and dings, I was able to pick it up off the ground, dust it off, and continue using as if nothing had happened.

If you are looking for something to just make calls, with a few added features on the side for an emergency, the Alcatel Go Flip 3 isn’t a bad choice!



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