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Affordability Meets Quality with the Lucid Audio LS10X and LS10P

Lucid Audio products have always been some of the better products on the market, and like many headset manufacturers in 2021, they realize that gamers are looking for affordability and quality in one package. So many attempt at creating this balance and releasing a solid product into the marketplace, but so few achieve what they actually set out to do (or purposefully don’t). Not with Lucid. After taking the LS10X for a spin for over a month, I’m happy to report that for 59.99 USD, you get an excellent, audio product.


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So what do you get out of the box? Nothing here is especially fancy, including the packaging. But, fancy packaging comes with a premium price, one that it appears Lucid Audio was not ready to dump on their consumers. The packaging is adequate – protects the product, stores everything nicely, and is still neat! Out of the box you’ll get the LS10X (or LS10P for PlayStation) headset with connected 3.5mm cable, and a detachable microphone. Simple, yes, but it’s all you really need, right?

The headset features over the ear cups sporting featuring 55 mm speakers, which has become standard across all products and companies lately it seems. The boom microphone can be attached for when playing on consoles, or detached for when using on mobile. It’s worth noting that a secondary in-device microphone exists for when you are playing on a phone (for chatting on discord, taking calls, etc.) but the mic quality is noticeably not as solid as when using the boom mic. Just…who wants to use a boom mic when playing on a phone, right? Still, it’s adequate and that’s saying a lot compared to other models from other companies!

But here is where I have a ton of good news. Lucid Audio prides itself on exceptional audio quality, and that is most definitely the case here, even at the cheaper price point. I’ve used more expensive (albeit older) Lucid headsets, and the audio quality here is on par with those. That’s huge, as so many other companies downgrade the quality of the audio experience to bring down the cost of manufacturing the headset. Lucid doesn’t seem to do that here. Even against $100+ headsets from other companies, Lucid comes out on top.

There is a trade off, however. The quality of the headset itself leaves something to be desired. To be fair, it’s not a premium headset and therefore I guess I shouldn’t be shocked at the less than premium feel and look. This isn’t really a headset I would toss around or leave out. To lengthen the life of the device, some good care is required. After just a month of use, you can definitely see the dings and dents from daily use from myself, and three kids under the age of 12. That being said, to get the audio experience you get with the LS10X and LS10P at the cost of the quality is actually something I’m willing to trade off.

After all, as long as you take care of your device, audio quality will trump build quality every single day. And to keep the costs down, Lucid Audio had to make some concessions somewhere.

Overall, it’s a solid audio experience, and that’s basically all you really want out of a headset. Sure, it might not have the fancy bells and whistles of other devices, but if you are looking for a clean audio experience that isn’t going to break the bank, this is most definitely it.



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