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A List Of Some Of The Best Games Played In 2020

With the perfect timing of the Nintendo Switch to the various launches of sequels to our favorite games and groundbreaking new games, the gaming industry has been a real savior during these trying times.

Escape to an alternate universe or fight off zombie killers and escape reality with the following full list of new sites here;

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The Last of Us 2

After numerous hiccups and setbacks due to the pandemic and other events, the Last of Us 2 finally released this June on PS4. Naughty Dog has done it again and has created one of the best games for PS4. From the animation to the storyline, this game grips you and takes you along a heart-wrenching, exhilarating story.

Seven years after the first one, this game is packed with quality entertainment, and adventure that will leave you lost for words once completed. You might even find yourself playing it over and over again just to relive the brilliant plot and experience the fantastic animation and gameplay also – a game-changer.


Who wouldn’t want to be a manic underwater killing machine every day of their lives? With this game, you can be just that. A play all about revenge simply swims around chewing and munching on anything and anyone who gets in your way.

Take no prisoners in this brutal game. Upgrade your shark-armor with bones and electrics and complete side quests killing Apex predators whilst nibbling on a few seals. You become the very thing that would make even killer whales quake in their boots. Narrated by the fantastic Chris Parnell from Rick and Morty, this wildlife documentary-style story will have you hooked from the first bite. 

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Set in the fantasy world of Midgar, this remake successfully combines two fantastic eras into one. With a blast from 1997 in the year 2020, this game has a unique feel. The remake allows the player to get to know the characters and provides you with an overall better experience and a more in-depth storyline.

The creators succeeded in making a game that would keep the die-hard fans happy as well as entertaining the newcomers. They did this one justice and reworked it in a way that will make any gamer appreciate the time and effort that went into this remake. So why not reunite with Cloud and the others? Check out what all the fuss is about and be awed by this fantastic remake.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons 

Talk about perfect timing? This game hit the market just as things started to go into lockdown, so for many, it was the biggest blessing of 2020. The game allows players to escape reality and create their ideal world where things are every day, and hanging out with friends is allowed.

The creators hit the nail on the head as we saw consumers left rough and center ordering their new Nintendo switch so that they could join in the craze.

Who would have thought that planting flowers, trees, and catching fish would provide so much entertainment?

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

The simulator is an update and it’s due in late August 2020. It does what it says on the box or Xbox fans. It’s a flight simulator with a massive of 4K HDR visuals, featuring everything from light sea jets to wide-body aircraft all available to use.

Flight Simulator offers players the chance to create flight paths or recreate famous flying patterns, flying day and night against realistic weather conditions makes this game an interesting choice.

There’s so much to do in this game, and the community is still growing. We would highly recommend that you check out this adorably charming game for some much-needed R and R.

So with 2020 going the way that it did, the gaming industry was able to thrive and expand, allowing new creations to rise and iconic older games to make a comeback.


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