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71004 Large Tractor Playmobil Review

Throughout the renovations happening in my house, the one constant for my 3 year old son Lincoln has been the opportunity to review Playmobil sets! Today, we are taking a look at the Large Tractor set, number 71004. The large tractor is, well, large! It comes with two bails of hay, a number of tractor attachments, and a character to play with. We have other tractors that we purchased on our own a few years ago, so how does this one hold up against those? Let’s take a look!


Here is what Playmobil has to say about the set:

The farmer always looks forward to working in the fields because he enjoys the fresh air. He goes out with his big tractor to collect the huge bales of straw. The farmer skilfully picks up a bale of straw with his fork and transports it back to the barn. There is still a lot to do before the end of the day. The set includes a PLAYMOBIL figure, a large tractor, bales of straw and many other extras for great farm play fun. With its interchangeable attachments, the tractor is versatile.

Putting the tractor together was a pretty tough job. While I’ve never been a huge fan of Playmobil instructions, it wasn’t the instructions that tripped me up here – it was getting the dang rubber wheels onto the tractor rims! This was definitely not a job my 3 year old could accomplish, and even my 8 year old had issues. But once the wheels were done, there are actually only a few pieces to put together. The majority of the tractor is preassembled, and all you are adding is the roof, attachments, and stickers. Not to bad, and within just a few minutes, we were playing with the set!

We always look at sets based on their shareability. While we do find that most Playmobil sets can be shared with friends – because they come with multiple vehicles, multiple interactive elements, and multiple characters – the Large Tractor set is very much a singular experience on its own. The whole set is centred on the tractor, and the driver. Despite having bails of hay, there are no other additional items that would allow someone else to play along with, if this is your only Playmobil set. We recommend grabbing a smaller side set if you are looking for multiple kids to play with this set!

The quality, however, is top notch, and dwarfs the previous tractor we had purchased. This set had the wheels connecting directly to the frame of the tractor, as opposed to attaching to an axel. The issue with the previous tractor we purchased was that with a bit of rough play – they are kids! – the axel bent just a little bit, making the tractor almost useless to play with. In the Large Tractor set, the wheels attach to plastic nubs directly on the tractor, and while it does limit the radius of movement for the tractor a little bit – the front of the tractor is hinged to allow left and right movement – it’s not enough for me to say it was a poor decision. In fact, it’s a great decision, and one I hope continues.

If you are looking for a great quality Playmobil set, this is an easy one to recommend. While it’s not great for sharing, it makes the perfect companion to any other Playmobil Country sets you might have!


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