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An Update On the Steelseries Ultimate Setup Giveaway

Previously, we told you about the Steelseries Ultimate Setup Giveaway! We now have an update about the contest to share!


In case you missed it, check out our previous post about the Steelseries Ultimate Setup Giveaway!

The contest is being changed a bit though. Some things are being included to the contest in fact! What’s being included? Well, “a trip to Dreamhack Winter in Sweden.” and “They also are doubling the amount of Ultimate Set-ups they’re giving away – ” That means that “another 25 winners will be awarded over the next week!”. Wow. I wonder who the lucky winners will be?

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s being added to the contest (this information and the above were provided to us by the contest runners):

“·         Doubled the number of Ultimate Setups from 25 to 50

·         Added the “Ultimate DreamHack Experience” (Trip and seats for you and a friend to DreamHack Winter + Meet and greet with the pros + Shopping spree at DreamStore)

  • 25 winners (including Valve trip) have already been selected and added to the “Winners” section “

If you want to enter the Steelseries contest, go here:

What do you think about the updates to the contest? Have you entered the contest yet?


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