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Tonor T20 Microphone Arm Review

Late in June 2020, we had the privileged of reviewing a quality budget microphone from Tonor, which we spoke very highly of. When that was sent to us, the company also included a microphone boom arm for us to look at. Although not compatible with the microphone we reviewed, it is a great arm that will work with most mics you might pick up at retail. Let’s take a look!


Mic boom arms are essentially used to bring the microphone closer to your mouth when recording podcasts, streaming games, or even for when you are on important business calls. It will generally allow users to more comfortably sit in their chairs, reducing the need to lean forward and over to speak into a microphone positioned on a desk. I’ve had boom arms in the past which have been incredibly unreliable and flimsy, and thankfully, this one from Tonor doesn’t create those same problems.

The arm itself secures to the side of your desk using a c-clamp style holder. When spun all the way in, the mount is very secure, and while it did require some tightening every few days to maintain that strong foundation, it’s what you would expect with most arms that aren’t directly mounted to a service using screws or brackets. Having that option with this arm would have been a great additional feature, but even without it, it’s still more than serviceable.


The T20 has two movable sections that will allow you to get the microphone exactly where you want it. While I’ve seen comments regarding other stands that say they need three movable sections minimum, I never had issues positioning the T20 exactly where I wanted it to go. Where the microphone mounts to the end of the arm is also movable, which could technically is a third movable section. Any last adjustments I needed was done right at the mic, and I never had issues.

The T20 is pretty standard for a boom arm. It’s missing a shock mount, but does come with some handy cable ties to keep cable management neat and tidy (an added bonus). And at an incredible price, there really isn’t a reason to shop elsewhere for this product! Check it out on Amazon, and let us know what you think of it!



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