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More Thoughts From Me #78: Wild (Zelda) DLC

I finally got the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC (for Wii U). Thanks to Adam Roffel and I should mention. Yes, I’m a bit late to the party. Even so, I thought it would be interesting to write some impressions on the first Zelda DLC. What do I think of it?


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out since March now. Some people, including myself, had moved on from the game. However, in late June, there was a reason to revisit the game again. Nintendo released DLC for Breath of the Wild. I didn’t get this DLC till last week though. Here are my impressions:

The first Breath of the Wild DLC is a mixed bag. You get a bunch of new armor items, a harder mode to play, a new way to teleport back to a place you want to visit again, and a set of new trials to beat. On the surface, this sounds like a really good update. Unfortunately, there are few things not so great about this first DLC pack.

First of all, the new items that are put into the game are not put directly into your pocket. Instead, you have to go out and find these items. Some of the items are easy to find, while others are pretty hard. You are only given vague clues as to where to find these items.

Sure, you could look online to see where they are all located (I’ve done that with a few of them), but why should you have to do that? Yes, I am saying that these items should have been easy to find or just put directly in your pocket. The player is paying actual money to get these items!

And then there’s the harder mode. Breath of the Wild wasn’t hard enough? Sure, nobody is forcing you to play this new mode, however there is a neat new addition to this mode that some players will want to check out! I’m talking about the enemies on special floating platforms.

This is a neat addition but you can only find it in the harder, Master mode. I found the mode to be too hard. I will revisit it again but I don’t think I’ll make it very far in it.

I don’t think I’ll make it very far into the Master Trials either. They are pretty hard, even early on.

My favorite new addition, out of all this first DLC, is the travel medallion. This new item will let you travel back to an area you’ve been before. Even this has its set backs though. I thought you’d be able to place it on the map and then travel to a location. Instead, you must be at the location, place it, and then you can travel back there via the map. I guess the other way would be just too easy…

Like I said before, this first DLC is a mixed bag. It does give you new things to do, but I think it would take a certain type of person: the person who MUST collect it all and see it all, to enjoy this first DLC.

I think/hope that the second DLC will be better!

Oh and by the way, I got the Wolf Link amiibo for my birthday too. Wolf Link is a cool addition to Breath of the Wild. I look forward to traveling with him more.

So I had mixed feelings about the first Breath of the Wild DLC! What about you? Did you like the DLC? Let us know in the comments!

Next week: Lego Marvel 2. My excitement for this game keeps growing and growing. Why am I so excited about this game? Get ready for me to geek out about Marvel and Lego games!

More Thougths From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. Yes, I will continue playing the new DLC.


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