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The Best Ways To Make Money In The Gaming Industry

E-sports players are now minting millions of dollars by playing in tournaments. A good example would be Johan Sundstein, who has been playing Dota 2 long enough to rack up some good payouts. He’s now a millionaire and has inspired many people to take up gaming as a career. But if you have tried competitive gaming, you know it takes a lot to get to his level. Additionally, not everyone can be a good gamer. It takes a wide range of skill sets to become good at it.


But does that mean that if you can’t game, there is nothing for you in the gaming industry? Not at all – there are many shoes you can fill in this growing industry. You could become a punter and take advantage of the, using them to place wagers and win big. Many punters have taken this route as e-sports tournaments are much easier to come across than other betting markets. See? That’s still a role you can play in this industry. And it barely requires skills to be good at it – just enough patience and good judgment.

We look at some of the career options available in the gaming industry:

  • Create Content

The growth of the e-sports industry has generated a lot of interest, and many people are still unsure what it entails. You can thus create content that centers around gaming, how people can get into it, recent gaming developments, etc. There is so much you can write or talk about when it comes to this industry.

Content creation falls into:

  • Vlogging: You can create descriptive videos in which you can review games, document the game tutorials, show off new equipment, advise people who want to start gaming, etc.
  • Blogging: If you are better at writing, you can create a blog dedicated to gamers and people who want to game.

Is there money in content creation? Yes! – Your vlog or blog will generate income based on views. You can then use your channel for marketing other brands at a fee, host ads, or even sell your merchandise. Once you have the audience, you can decide how to monetize your brand.

  • Play in Tournaments

While there are many major tournaments, you do not always need to play in these to make good money. Sometimes, playing the smaller games works just as well. All you need is to find local tournaments and try your luck. The more games you win, the higher your rank, and the more money you will get from your wins.


So, how much money can you earn from playing in tournaments? The amount varies because you can make money via:

  • Winning the competitions: You get to keep the money you make. If you are playing with a team, the amount you keep will be smaller than that of a solo player. But teamwork does make you stronger and is an excellent option to consider.
  • Getting sponsored: You can find a brand that wants to be featured in the games. For example, you can market the company that provides you with gaming equipment.
  • Selling merchandise: How about customizing some items and offering them to your audience? Doing this allows you to make money on the side and earn revenue from gaming.

Finding tournaments is easy. Some are free, while others require you to pay a fee upfront.

  • Live Stream

You have probably come across live streaming on social media platforms. Using YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch platforms, you can do the same thing with video games. These platforms offer you similar opportunities to blogging and vlogging. However, in this case, you stream your games live to an audience. Thus, the more people watch your content, the bigger your audience. And if your content proves valuable to your target market, you can start earning money through:

  • Affiliate programs,
  • Donations, and
  • Ads.

These are some ways to monetize your audience and rack up hundreds to thousands of dollars a week.

  • Place a Wager

Another common and gratifying way to enter the gaming industry is to place wagers. This entry mode is much more straightforward. All you need is to find a reputable betting site, choose a niche, focus on the teams and players, and make strategic decisions.

For example, if you are well-versed in CS: GO, you will be better placed to determine which team can make it to the finals. But if you rely on the odds offered by a bookie without getting to know the teams in play, you will set yourself up for failure. Thus, figure out a sport with lucrative betting markets and watch as people go at it. Then, when you understand how it works, you can study various teams and players and their skills. Only then can you decide on who will come out on top.

  • Become a Games Journalist

What if you have a knack for reporting events? You can become a journalist and take home thousands of dollars a week. The model is quite simple. You need to find newsworthy items and relay them to an audience. And you can do this by:

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  • Creating a podcast,
  • Writing about the events,
  • Documenting the events via videos or e-books, etc.

Most journalist jobs are freelance, which allows you the freedom of who you can work with or sell the news pitch to – or create a website and use it as your primary platform.

While not everyone can be a professional gamer making up to $5,000 a week from tournaments, you can always find the career that suits you in the gaming industry. Some opportunities are full-time, while others require just a few hours of your day. Either way, everyone has a chance to eke a living from this growing industry.


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