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Splatoon 2 Bringing the Content

This week Thursday we will get a full look at what content will be coming to Splatoon 2, but I think after E3, it is safe to say that despite the worries of Nintendo fans, Splatoon 2 will feel like it’s own game, rather than just an extension of the original Splatoon. Nintendo has been great keeping franchises alive with new titles, and for the most part, each and every title feels different. As a skeptic myself, I’m not sure why I ever doubted Nintendo.


Salmon Run

During E3 2017, Nintendo showed off and demoed a brand new mode for Splatoon call Salmon Run, and from all accounts, it is really, really hard. Salmon Run will have you fighting off wave after wave of creatures of varying difficulties, and attempting to save whatever island you land on from being overrun.

It sounds easy enough, and early on it is, but as you move into future waves, bosses appear, which are much more difficult than your average enemy. Should one of your allies die, don’t be alarmed. There character will appear as a life ring laying in the ink. Simply shoot some ink his way to bring him back to the fight!

Nintendo Direct

I’m really curious to see what Nintendo announces this Thursday for Splatoon. Perhaps some DLC is already in the works that will get a launch date, or perhaps Nintendo has other modes we don’t know about. More modes is always great, but at the end of the day, it’s regular online splat battles that really make Splatoon what it is. Personally, I’d just prefer more maps and weapons for that aspect of the game.

For those that aren’t as likely to go online with Splatoon, however, will be looking for a lot more single player content. Are you looking forward to Splatoon 2? Let us know on social media, and tune in Thursday for the direct!


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