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#SDCC Reveals new Lego Marvel 2 Characters and a New Trailer Explodes Online Today

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) is over. Some cool comic and movie news came out of it! But what about video games? Was anything interesting shown video game wise during SDCC? YES! Some new Lego Marvel 2 characters were revealed. We’ll talk about them, plus you should check out the new Lego Marvel 2 trailer!

At SDCC this past weekend, some new characters for Lego Marvel 2 were revealed. Its time for a run down!

Before the Lego Marvel 2 panel on Saturday, we got a few character reveals. Goblin 2099, Howard the Duck/Iron Duck (voiced by Greg Miller of, and Carnom (Venom/Carnage character) were revealed!

On Saturday during the Lego Marvel 2 panel, some more Lego Marvel 2 characters were revealed: Vulture (from Homecoming), Doctor Octopus, Cosmo the Space dog, Greensky Smashtroll, Throg, Forbush Man, and Gwenpool.

Mile Morales a.k.a. Spider-man was also shown off during SDCC. And the X-Men were possibly confirmed for the game and said to be getting their own levels! Update: This could be a rumor. We’ll have to wait for final confirmation on this.

There will be 200+ characters and no console exclusives this time around.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with what was revealed for Lego Marvel 2 during Comic Con. I especially excited that Goblin 2099, Doctor Octopus, Cosmo, Miles Morales, the Vulture, and the X-Men are in the game. Throg is a fun addition too. I’m not really familiar with the other characters but the more characters, the better!

I’m hoping that more 2099 characters revealed soon (Venom 2099!!).

I can’t wait to play Lego Marvel 2. This game just gets better and better.

Look at the cool new trailer! Its so great.

What do you think of Lego Marvel 2? What characters are you most excited about?


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