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Psychonauts 2 Story Trailer

Psychonauts 2 is finally coming out next month! A new trailer was released today for the game. Check that out below, along with the story description and some thoughts on the game.

Psychonauts 2 is coming out on August 25th for Xbox systems, the Microsoft store, STEAM, PS4, PS5, and more.

The first game was originally released for the first Xbox and PS2. That game can be found on the PS4 and other systems now.

In Psychonauts 1, Raz and other kids went to a Psychic camp where they were learning how to control their psychic powers in the hopes of one days becoming Psychonauts!

Here is the second game’s story: “When Razputin Aquato, trained acrobat and powerful young psychic, finally realizes his dream of joining the Psychonauts… he finds not all is well with the once-renowned spy organization. Their leader is comatose and a mole lurks within the ranks. That’s to say nothing of the fanatical forces working to revive Maligula, a deceased psychic murderer! It’s up to Raz to train his mind and unravel a tangle of plots could very well purge the world into chaos. ”

The first game was an an action adventure platformer and the second game looks to be following that formula. Just like the previous game, Raz will find himself venturing into our people’s minds in search of answers. The story trailer for Psychonauts 2 reveals some pretty epic mindscapes that Raz will be exploring!

I loved the first Psychonauts game and can’t wait to see what the second one is like. Its so amazing that Psychonauts is getting a sequel after this many years.

Are you looking forward to Psychonauts 2? What do you think of the trailer?


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