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Playmobil Tractor with Trailer and Watering Tank (71442)

I love when one Playmobil theme works seamlessly with another, and I think that is the case for our latest Playmobil review set, the Tractor with Trailer and Watering Tank set. On it’s own, this is a really great set with lots of playable features, but works really well in a number of different themes including the Country theme it is from, the MyPlay theme, and even with Wiltopia creatures!


Version 1.0.0

Check out this description from Playmobil,

Discover the PLAYMOBIL Country Tractor with Trailer and Water Tank – a captivating toy set that unlocks a world of imaginative role-play! Designed for children aged 4 years and up, this remarkable set brings together the excitement of farming adventures and the joys of nurturing young minds. With the Tractor and Trailer, kids can create their own farming stories, cultivating crops, transporting goods, and even learning about water conservation as they fill and use the water tank. The possibilities are as vast as their imagination! A perfect gift for children aged 4 years and up.

For any little aspiring farmer, the Tractor with Trailer and Watering Tank set is a great set to begin your Playmobil journey, or even better if added to other similar sets. This one comes with a lot of great features, including two figures, a tractor, two trailers, and a number of plants. The set even features a play water feature that takes this set to the next level. The tank on the trailer can be filled with water, and using the (now common) hose kinking technique, kids can let water flow from the tank into or onto whatever they want.

This is where the ability to use this set with many different themes shined for my kids. Obviously, this set works really well with almost all of the Country themed sets. We have many tractors, barns, stables, and more, and more than a few watering troughs for the various animals we have. The kids filled the tank of the trailer and then drove it around our basement floor refilling all the animal watering troughs using the hose. This is a really great water play feature, and allows kids to use their imagination!

And use it they did. After using this set within its own theme for a while, they saw other uses for it. We recently reviewed the Playmobil Large City Zoo, and the kids quickly realized this set could be used within the zoo, and with Wiltopia animals, to bring water from exhibit to exhibit! They even made a little pool for the penguins and filled it up using this tank and hose. Took a while, and probably was not the most efficient way to do it, but they thought it up themselves, and executed it perfectly.


Version 1.0.0

The set also includes a few animals of it’s own. The goats included are phenomenal, and are the first Country themed goats we’ve gotten so far. They go really nice alongside all the other barn yard animals we have collected over the years. Again, the kids were able to find uses for these goats in the zoo as well, creating a petting zoo alongside some dogs and horses, and ponies.

While I will always complain about putting tires on tractors and vehicles when it comes to building Playmobil sets, I’m really impressed with the design of this trailer. The front axel moves fairly freely allowing kids to manuever the tractor with relative ease. Other Playmobil vehicles we have are rather ridged and move almost exclusively on a front or backwards motion. Because of how this has been created, the tractor moves fairly well in all directions, which again just increases the playability of the set.

This set is no inexpensive, and might actually feel a bit expensive for what you get. However, if your kids are really into Playmobil and have amassed a decent collection, this is a set that could service many purposes!


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