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Playmobil Announces New Eco-Friendly Line

We have been reviewing a number of Playmobil sets on the site over the past year or so, and the company is ready to announce their next big series. This time around, the new playsets – under th theme Wiltopia – are being made with 80% sustainable materials! This move towards a more eco friendly production plan is such a fantastic, industry leading practice that I hope more companies adopt.

blankAnd there is no better way to launch this new production plan than alongside a bunch of animals, both endangered and not. Children will “travel the world” and learn about animals, nature, geography, and of course, sustainability. Not only are these new Playmobil toys fun to play with, and great to add to your various playsets, but they are educational as well. What a great, educational plan!

Here is a bit more detail from Playmobil about some of the upcoming sets:
The first product series launches on July 8, featuring sets of animals with trading cards!
  • Each pack comes with a trading card with a QR code and interesting facts about the animal
  • Educational audio content for all animals that can be accessed via the QR code
  • Augmented reality function and educational video short formats
  • Quiz with animal knowledge from products, audio content and the knowledge cards
More, larger playsets will follow in September, with even more sets coming in 2023. While the first run will specifically be animals – my #1 favourite playmobil item! – the follow-up releases will be complete playsets, all the way up to an MSRP of 154.99.
It’s great to see Playmobil begin moving towards using more sustainable materials in their products. Whether this will be a one-off release or something that becomes more common in the future, it’s great to see the company taking active participation in sustainability and environmental protection.
All toy companies who release millions of pounds of plastic toys for the enjoyment of children should look to the things Playmobil is doing with this lineup of toys and emulate it. It’s not only great for our toy chests, but it’s great for the environment too!


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