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Nintendo UK’s Hyper Japan Festival Schedule

Next week, the UK will get the Hyper Japan Festival. Nintendo will be there with a lot of stage events and some of these events will even be streamed on Twitch! We have the full list of the Hyper Japan Nintendo events below.


Nintendo UK will be at the Hyper Japan Festival next week starting on Friday, July 15th. Here is their full schedule:


Some of the above events will be streamed on twitch here. We’re unsure of which events will be streamed! Though, I think its a safe bet that we’ll see Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild shown off on twitch.

Personally, I’m hoping that at least one of the Dragon Quest 7 demonstrations is shown. I absolutely can’t wait to play that game and I’d love to see some more footage of it.

What are you hoping will be streamed on Twitch? Do you live in the UK? If so, any plans to go to Hyper Japan?

Source: Nintendo Everything


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