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Miitopia Launch Trailer

Miitopia is out today for the 3DS family of systems. We will have a preview of the game on Monday. For now, please check out the launch trailer and then my thoughts on Miitopia.

I love Tomodachi Life for the 3DS. It is such wacky and strange game. Also, it is an excellent use of Miis. And now Nintendo is releasing another game focused around Miis: Miitopia!

Tomodachi Life was a sim through and through. Miitopia has sim elements, but it is first foremost an rpg. It keeps the same wacky humor of Tomodachi and gives you even more to do in the game. There are a lot of places to visit, plus lots of weapons, jobs, and food to find. It looks like a pretty big game, but I won’t know for sure until I play it.

I am getting a copy of Miitopia today! I plan to have a preview of the game on Monday and then hope to also get my review-in-progress started next week too. Please keep an eye on for more on Miitopia!


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