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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Mobile Announced

If you aren’t excited for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, head over to YouTube and check out some of the great coverage available from E3 2017. For those that played Shadow of Mordor and loved it, Shadow of War cannot come soon enough. Thankfully, we do not have long to wait. In the meantime, fans of the game can preregister for the Shadow of War mobile game now by going to the Shadow of War website! Unsure of what the mobile game is? Read on for further details!


From Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment PR:

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War mobile, fans return to Mordor to take part in real-time battles against powerful Orc enemies while gathering Middle-earth’s greatest champions to fight alongside Talion. Each character can be upgraded to bring a special set of skills and powered-up attacks into battle. Middle-earth: Shadow of War mobile also introduces the award-winning Nemesis System to mobile devices for the first time, giving players the chance to build their own Orc army and create countless personal game experiences in the process.

Having the ability to take Shadow of War on the go will be very intriguing for many people, and knowing that the Nemesis System will be available in this mobile release is yet another reason to get excited. The Nemesis System makes Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War the games they are, and this unique system is unrivaled by any similar experiences on console or mobile.

Shadow of War mobile will be a free-to-play experience on Android and iOS and will feature characters from both Shadow of War and the iconic Lord of the Rings trilogy, including Celebrimbor, Eltariel, Gimli, and Boromir. The game is set to launch this fall. Check out the trailer below, and let us know on social media what you think of this announcement!



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