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Mad Streets Impressions Google Stadia

Mad Streets might be one of the craziest fighting games I’ve played in a really long time. Most fighting games have a very specific, somewhat serious way of rolling out the gameplay and the story. But with Mad Streets, a game made by an incredibly small studio, craziness and laughs are key to success, and there are loads of laughs to go around!

Here is a bit more about the game from the developers:
“Mad Streets is a hilarious multiplayer party game with an emphasis on brutal yet comical fist fighting throughout a multitude of modes, local and online, where players battle it out in wild physics driven chaos to determine who is the baddest player in town!”
On top of being wacky and fun, there is a unique art style here that is minimalist but fitting. In fact, this is some of my favourite art in a fighting game, and it really works. While some may look at a screen shot and comment on the rigid edges and perhaps boxy nature of some of the characters and environments, when it is all in motion and running well, it looks so unique, and is yet another feature that sets Mad Streets apart from the competition.
On Google Stadia, the game runs pretty well. As it’s not as demanding as other games we have reviewed, the performance via the cloud was fairly solid. Early on in our time with the game we had a few issues with network crashes, but it does seem like the development team has done a good job of cleaning those up.
Of course, as with all games on Google Stadia, your internet connection will directly impact the value you will get out of the games you purchase. While some may be negative on Stadia because of the nature of the service, it’s often a poor network connection, not anything Google is doing wrong, that ultimately┬ámakes for a bad experience.
For me, on 40 down, the experience was perfectly fine. I can’t wait to play more of this fun fighting game in the future. Won’t you join me for a match?

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