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Love Letter a Ruthless Card Deduction Game

Every once in a while a game hits the board game industry that is so popular, it not only sells out everywhere, but it also gets spinoff releases based on various popular intellectual properties. And that game over the past half decade or so has been Love Letter.


While standard Love Letter is a lot of fun, you can now get Batman Love Letter, The Hobbit Love Letter, Marvel Love Letter, and so many more. While each version might give a slightly different take on the game, the whole concept is still based solely on what you do in the original. And for a quick game, it’s a lot of fun.
A deck of cards is placed in the middle of the table, and in the deck are a number of cards with numbers on them, from 1-8. The goal of the game is to play the cards in your hand to get other people out of the round, and that can happen in a number of different ways.
For example, if you play one of the Number 1 cards in the deck, you can than pick an opponent and guess what card they currently hold in their hand. If you are right, that person is out. Obviously, guessing what someone has is easier the longer the game goes and the less possible cards there are to guess. There are other great cards as well. For example, while the Number 8 card is obviously the most powerful since at the end of the game it will beat anything anyone else has, if you are forced to play your card, you are automatically out. Having the 8 in your hand at the beginning of the game is usually not good…
What makes Love Letter such a great game is how easy it is to teach, and how quick it is to play. It’s the ultimate game to play while doing something else as well – it’s a personal favourite of ours during sporting events, for example. And while the game does rely on a solid bit of luck, there are always laughs to be had. And when you get yourself into a no-win situation, you can only bemoan your fortunes as you lay down your cards and wait for the round to be over. Yes, there are no-win situations.
For example, there is a card in the deck that allows you to compare your hand to someone else, and whoever has the HIGHEST card is out that round. Now imagine you hold that comparison card, and the Number 8 card.
You. Are. Screwed. See, if you play the comparison card where the highest number is out, as the person holding Number 8, you are out. On the flip side, if you choose to play your Number 8 card instead, you are also out because the rules dictate that whoever plays the Number 8 is automatically out. It’s wacky, it can suck, but it is always great fun.
If you are looking for a light experience that is fun for a all, Love Letter, or any of the IPs being turned into Love Letter games, are a great option!

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