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Love Gaming? Here’s Why Retro Gaming is So Popular!

We have had nothing but amazing games exploding onto the video game market in the past twenty years. With the birth of the Nintendo 64 and the PlayStation – closely followed by the XBox – we’re able to enjoy amazing games literally at our fingertips. The range of gameplay is huge, from live action games where we can play online with others to longer games that you can take time to build a profile on, it just gets better and better with each passing year.

The thing is, there are so many new games out there it can often be hard to determine the type of games you should want to play, but it’s the retro gaming options out there that really are still shining. Millennials still wax nostalgic over Mario Kart and for a good reason: retro video game store options are still selling the best game to ever exist! If you’re curious about retro games and why they are still popular (among more than just the millennials) you’re reading the right article. So, let’s take a look at why it’s so popular!

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  1. It’s simple. Some games created today are way more complex and harder to complete compared with games that came out in the 80s and 90s. The simplicity of the control schemes and the fewer actions that are needed in a game, the more appealing it is. People often value games that they can enjoy rather than the games that draw out for months and even years on end.
  2. Everyone can enjoy them. The beauty of most retro games is that they are easily playable and accessible to everyone regardless of their age. Regardless of location and time, you can play games that you enjoy without having to worry about how long it takes you to do it. The problem is that most retro games are super expensive on the market and they can be much harder to track down. Antique games stores will always have some kind of retro gaming items, whether it’s Donkey Kong from the NES or the original Cluedo board!
  3. The storylines keep people interested. There is really no doubt that the retro storylines in games are so much more fun from the thirty year old gaming options. The content is heavily built to lean on engaging the player and not about getting you to buy more game credits. These are the storylines that have people happy to play them again and again, like Zelda or Star Wars.
  4. They don’t take up much data. Most games today require you to download and play online, which would be fine but if you have a low-end system, you might consider how you can’t just download the latest CoD and instead would need a retro game option. One of the biggest pleasures of older games is that your resources aren’t burned through and there isn’t a ton of memory space necessary for processing. Most of the retro games also come with booklets and tutorials, but today you have to pay for more and more.
  5. They’re honestly the best fun. Mario is fun as a multiplayer game for a good reason. Retro games often have mini games within them that are super fun to play with family and friends alike. Plenty of gamers would set schedules to meet up in their homes, bringing snacks and playing into the early hours of the morning. It’s a culture that has faded with online gaming because people now connect with each other online rather than in person – but being in person was half the fun!
  6. Most retro games are worth big money. The key is in the title: retro games. They’re hitting the same level as vintage games and they are often rare and more valuable. If you scope eBay for some retro gaming options you’ll see they often command a much higher price point. It’s because they are valuable to the people who collect them and those who once played them in their childhoods would agree, too. The original ideas are kept intact and the games are still worth more than what you would have paid for it years ago. They’re even more worthy of their higher price point if you’re willing to pay it today, too.

Retro gaming is something that offers nostalgia, excitement and a reason to indulge in a little game play. You’ll be shocked at how many people choose not to get their retro games from years ago – especially when you can invest in them and pass them down to the kids one day!


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