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Hey! PIKMIN – Introduction Trailer

Hey! PIKMIN comes out on July 28th for the 3DS. Nintendo UK has released a new trailer for the game today. Please check out the trailer and then come back for my impressions of the video.

Hey! PIKMIN looks fantastic. The graphics look great and there appears to be a lot of strategy to the game. The different types of Pikmin look really cool and will come in handy for puzzle solving, defeating enemies, and collecting stuff.

My favorite moment from the above trailer is when the Captain and Pikmin are underwater and a giant sea creature goes by. Hey! PIKMIN is absolutely making the most of the 3DS’s graphical capabilities.

Do you want to get a more hands-on look at Hey PIKMIN before its release? When you can do that by going to the 3DS eshop and downloading a demo for the game!

I downloaded the demo and will have my impressions of it tomorrow.

Hey PIKMIN comes out on July 28th for the 3DS system family!


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