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Duck on Call: Fire Rescue Action: Cat Rescue Playmobil Review

Smaller Playmobil sets are a real joy to review. They are so affordable and easy to recommend, plus they make great additions to existing Playmobil sets, if you have something that fits the theme.

Thankfully we did, and were able to pair the Duck on Call: Fire Rescue Action: Cat Rescue with some of our other Playmobil city sets. But is there enough here to justify the $26.99 CAD price point? Let’s take a look!
Included Pieces: 1 Freddy Fire, 1 cat, 1 tree with pedestal and base plate, 1 fire truck trailer, 1 ladder, 1 extinguishing cannon, 2 foam arrows, 3 large flames, 1 small flame, 1 jet pipe, 2 pylons, 1 tuft of grass, 1 fire extinguisher with back stretcher plus jet pipe
“Oh, who has strayed up the tree? The black cat can’t find its way down alone – and the tree is on fire! Now only Freddy Fire can help! But can he overcome his superstitions about black cats? He sure can, because the little hero has never failed in any case!”
While most Playmobil kits are great for multiple little friends to play together, that really isn’t the case here. Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just one worth noting. With only one figure included, it’s a very singular set unless other Playmobil sets are present. Still, there is quite a bit here to get excited about. There is a little cat included, a host of fire fighting accessories, little fires that you can spread around your play area, a tree, and a small hand cart.
Putting the set together is easy enough, although my son had a hard time deciding which backpack fire fighting accessory he wanted his character to wear. It is nice to see a few options here, however, and when bringing in another Playmobil character from a different set, we were able to use all the included accessories and have a good, imaginative time! Of course the theming here is great as well. Seriously, a cat stuck in a tree with a fire raging below? It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?
Although the mascot of the series, the Duck, is not included in this set, this one pairs perfectly with Duck on Call: Fire Brigade Emergency Vehicle. Together, they make a perfect combination, and are worthy inclusions for any Playmobil fan!

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