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Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game Companion App Available Now

If you are getting excited for the launch of Disney Lorcana (August 18th at local game stores, September 1st a larger retailers) there is good news! The Disney Lorcana Trading Card Game companion App is available now on iOS and Android devices, giving you a headstart on your collecting journey!


Within the app, players will be able to see all the cards that will be released on launch day, including their rarity level. When the game launches – first purchases can be made at GenCon in early August – players will be able to load their cards into the app to keep track of what they have. With 204 cards in the base set, there is a lot of collecting to do!


One of the cooler features of the app is the ability to build your own deck virtually, using the cards you have collected, or even sprinkling in cards you hope to obtain in some way. This is a huge game changer for the trading card space. Building decks for games like Pokêmon has always been tough for me. Not only are there thousands of different cards to choose from (a problem Disney Lorcana doesn’t currently have, I will admit), but there are synergies I just don’t understand. With the application, some of those synergies will be easily understood, allowing you to build a successful deck.

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I’ve NEVER built my own Pokémon deck before. I own thousands of cards, and have been collecting and playing for well over a decade. I will be with Lorcana, 100%!


Not only can you keep track of which cards you own, you can also keep track of how many of each card you own. Obviously, as a trading card game, you will want multiple specific cards in your deck. If you are a collector, it will be very easy to see what cards you have more than one of, so therefore, which cards you could potentially trade for others.


The app will also keep you up to date with Disney Lorcana, including news, play dates, and more. This includes tracking earned Lore with the application (collecting Lore is how you win). This seems like a great alternative to using dice to track, however, I have noted that unless you change your phone settings, your Lore tracker will go to sleep! 


The application is also a great place for you to get started on how to play, before any sets launch. If you are getting excited about the upcoming launch, why not jump in now!


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