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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Launches on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS Today

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker originally released back in 2014 on the Nintendo Wii U. The game was based on mini games that players could enjoy in Super Mario 3D World, also on Nintendo Wii U. These games were so popular, in fact, that Nintendo decided to create an entire experience for Toad. And people loved it. Unfortunately, people didn’t love the Wii U though, so this fantastic game only made it into a fraction of the households who actually owned a Nintendo Switch. The game is now getting a new lease on life with the Nintendo Switch, and we cannot wait to jump in once again!

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Our good friend Abdallah plans to play the game throughout the day during 1 hour live streams, and you can follow along by clicking on the video below! Be sure to check out all his other great playlists as well.

In Captain Toad, players will maneuver Toad and Toadette (separately) around small levels, attempting to collect three diamonds, complete a secret objective, and find the final golden star. The game provides some replay ability as you can re-enter a level after completing it to find the Pixel Toad poster somewhere in the level.

The game is not only coming to Nintendo Switch, but also to Nintendo 3DS. While the Switch version will render the game at 1080p when docked, at a smooth constant 60 frames per second, the 3DS will take a bit of a hit, both in terms of resolution and frame rate, which appears to be locked at roughly 30 fps. That being said, many people have given the 3DS version rave reviews for how well it works, and while I’m not about ot drop $50 Canadian on a 3DS game – as I’d rather play it on my Switch – it is great to see Nintendo offering up this title to their entire family of current generation systems.

If you are picking up Captain Toad this weekend, let us know over on social media!


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