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A Beginners Guide to Gambling Online

Each year, millions of dollars are given away online. Tens of millions of dollars are spent, of course, but some people are lucky enough to be in the percentage of gamblers that come up trumps.


It would be all too easy to assume that, because gambling is inherently based on chance, that the lucky ones are just that – lucky. They have some supposedly mythological celestial being looking over their shoulder, while other people are just downright cursed.

If you’ve got any kind of sense, that should be enough to put you off gambling. Logically there are a few indisputable facts – these websites make money, so it must be in their favour, and more importantly, it’s based upon things you have no way of controlling. It’s just not worth the risk.

Of course, life is never that black and white. In short, there are two kinds of gamblers. There are the kinds that play very erratically, jumping from game to game in the hope that they find something that pays out and spending more than they can afford, and then there are the others who use their brains to get ahead. If you’re new to online gambling, it’s obvious which kind of gambler you should be aiming to emulate.

So how do you stop being the first and become the second? The solution is obvious, but it isn’t always easy.

Confused, unsure people are perfect for online casino owners, because they are likely to spend more money and stay less focused on the prize at hand. That’s why there’s such an overwhelming amount of information out there. Keeping ‘casuals’ casual in every way but the frequency of bets is in the best interest of everybody who stands to make a lot of money off them.

The best way to turn this around is to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to be informed and clever in the way you gamble online.

Yes, that means fighting off that urge to chuck your money into the first website you recognise off the TV. Yes, that means trying to ignore that gut feeling to gamble, to spend, spend, spend.

Why? It’s like food shopping when you’re hungry. Spending money is easy – winning it is not, and tipping the balance in your favour involves batting clever.

But more important than not spending when you’re at risk of spending too much, is being informed, and fortunately there are a bunch of independent websites out there which can help you choose what could make you the most money.


A few hours of research could mean the difference between you being a sucker and a winner.

Some websites, including top5onlinecasino, only recommend online casinos that are high quality, have positive reviews and which offer positive customer service. These websites can be an excellent way of seeing what offers are out there, and a few minutes on their site can better inform you of your options.

Because, in short, why give money away when you could be bringing it in?