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Yoshi on Switch is Coming, not until 2018

If Nintendo launches anything with Yoshi included, I’m in 100%. Although this years announcement did not have the ‘wow’ factor from a few years back when they introduced Yarn Yoshi – one of my favorite E3 announcements ever – there was still plenty to be excited for with Yoshi’s latest title!

The look of the new Yoshi titles really reminds me of Paper Mario: Colour Splash which utilized the similar cardboard look. It appears as if there will be a dimensional aspect to the new Yoshi title, allowing you to swap the camera around when entering buildings, or exploring underground areas.

The balls of Yarn that we collected in the previous Yoshi titles are obviously not present here, but it does appear as if Yoshi will be collecting a fair number of coins. What these coins will be used for as of now is unclear, but we expect to get more details on this as we move towards the release next year, likely during the Holiday season!

There seems to be a heavy emphasis on cooperative game play in this Yoshi game, which is something I’m really looking forward too. The past Yoshi titles were a bit tough for me to play with my son, but when this launches he will be almost 9, the perfect age to be affective in some cooperative play!

We are really looking forward to playing with Yoshi again in 2018! Let us know on social media what you are thinking about this announcement!


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